Anti-harassment Policy

Policy Statement

Local 506 takes pride in the fact that our membership is comprised of a diverse group of working people.  We live in an increasingly diverse society, it is vital for our union to be open to all people regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin or gender.  Increasing our diversity is a task we must do in order to organize and achieve our goal as Trade Unionists; to ensure a better life for all working families.  It is therefore important that we commit to providing a healthy work environment free of harassment for our entire membership.  The union recognizes the inherent dignity and worth of every person and is committed to providing equal rights and opportunities without discrimination. Harassment undermines union solidarity and results in division among our brothers and sisters. 

Every employee has a right to freedom from harassment in the workplace by their employer or by another employee because of race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, age, record of offences, marital status, same-sex partnership status, family status or disability under the Human Rights Code.

The goal of this policy is to demonstrate that harassment will not be tolerated, condoned or ignored within our membership.


This policy applies to all members within local 506, staff, volunteers and users of union services.
This policy applies to all harassment arising in the course of Local 506 union business, public events and activities.

Policy Statement

“Racial Harassment” may occur when someone does any of the following:

  • makes racial slurs or jokes;
  • makes comments ridiculing individuals because of race-related characteristics;
  • makes comments about religious dress;
  • singles out another person to humiliate them or tease them about race, ancestry, place of origin, colour and/or ethnic origin; 
  • makes general racial comments directed at the workforce instead of a particular person;
  • physically attacks another individual due to reasons of race;
  • someone puts up cartoons, graffiti and/or pictures that degrade persons of a racial group; and/or
  • someone behaves in any other way that is intended to demean a person because of his/her race;

“Poisoned Work Environment” occurs when harassing comments and/or conduct make a workplace hostile or unwelcoming and influences how people are treated. As a result of a poisoned work environment, people are subject to different terms and conditions of employment that are not experienced by other people who are not subject to the harassment. A poisoned work environment can affect the work environment for those not subjected to the harassment. The harassment must deny equality on an objective basis before a workplace is declared poisoned.