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LiUNA! Local 506

Proudly serving a wide range of workers in the I.C.I. and Industrial sectors. LiUNA Local 506 represents over 8000 members.

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LiUNA Local 506 has a rich history of organizing workers and defending their rights. Dating back to 1919, we started as the Hod Carriers’ Building and Common Labourers’ Union. Our reach and scope have grown and evolved to reflect the current labour laws in North America. We stand proudly behind our members as an organization dedicated to you: our brothers and sisters – our union family. LiUNA Local 506 have worked hard to give our brothers and sisters a higher standard of living, no matter where they work in Ontario. We are constantly striving to build a safer workplace and to influence labour laws to create a more supportive and lucrative industry.

Glad to have you

It is with extreme pleasure that we extend to you a personal note of gratitude for your loyalty and dedication you have shown throughout the years.  Our success lies not only in our leadership, but also with dedicated and enthusiastic members like you.  Our Union is progressive and committed to lifelong learning for its members. Local 506 exemplifies true brotherhood through a fully informed, inclusive, and participative membership. Local 506 is your key to securing the best job. Join our proud Union of ICI workers who since 1919 have enjoyed top wages and benefits, professional training and protection against unsafe work conditions.

More than just a Union

Local 506 offers scholarships to members’ children assisting them with high tuition fees so they may pursue their educational dreams.

Local 506 trains and educates Union Stewards so they can use their leadership skills to build the Union and protect jobs and welfare of their fellow workers.

Local 506 is committed to fulfilling and enhancing lifestyle opportunities to our Retired Members and have developed a Recreation Centre which includes various services that promote health, freedom and involvement.

Local 506 honours members with over 25 years of continuous membership.

Local 506 hold an Annual Family Day Picnic for members and their families.

Local 506 and its members take part in the Annual Labour Day Parade.


Scholarships and helping out with education

Train and educate Union Stewards for the future

Recreation Centre and resources for Retired Members

Recent News & Updates

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