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Local 506 welcomes new members with proof of relevant construction trade skills and safety training.
Click the link below and complete/submit the form that appears. You will be contacted via email with further instructions.

LiUNA Local 506 has a rich history of organizing workers and defending their rights. Dating back to 1919, we started as the Hod Carriers’ Building and Common Labourers’ Union. Our reach and scope have grown and evolved to reflect the current labour laws in North America.
We stand proudly behind our members as an organization dedicated to you: our brothers and sisters – our union family.
LiUNA Local 506 have worked hard to give our brothers and sisters a higher standard of living, no matter where they work in Ontario. We are constantly striving to build a safer workplace and to influence labour laws to create a more supportive and lucrative industry.

  • We negotiate your wages so that you don’t have to. Unionized workers generally earn higher wages than non-unionized workers.
  • We work hard to get you good, steady, well-paying jobs. Out Brothers and Sisters work full time hours.
  • We organize for benefits. LiUNA Local 506 offers a comprehensive health plan for union members and their families including dental, vision and supplemental health care benefits.
  • We band together to resolve conflicts. We have a solid team working to advocate for you and ensure you are feeling as supported, heard, and taken care of – as you should be. We don’t stand for discrimination, unrightful termination, or prejudice.
  • We unite for mentorship. Our Executive Board, Business Representatives and Staff are always accessible to lend a supportive ear, to teach you the ropes, and to show you the way!
  • We organize, form relationships, and offer the best training. We strive to offer you the finest apprenticeships to prepare you for the workplace.
  • We come together for community. We believe in doing our part to make the world a better place.
  • Most importantly, we organize for family. Our union Brothers and Sisters mean the world to us. It is our honor and pride to represent you, work for you, and celebrate you.